Was Da Night Befoa Christmas

Was da night before Christmas

And dad, uncle and pop

Was in the garage

Sucking um up

The imu was packed

With food to share

Gurentee get kalua pig in dea

Da keiki was playing

Having fun in the house

"Eh i just when clean up,

you kids stressing me out"

Tutu just told them they better quit running

"U keiki go to bed,

Or santa aint coming"

“You guys like lickens!

Not coal in your stocking”

And das when dad said something

Rather quite shocking

"Brah, santa not coming"

He was buzzing with glee

"He always get the credit,

But that buggah is me"

My Maddah came running

"Eh! You lolo shaddap..

I told you quit yapping

When you buzzing and cut

The holidays is about love peace and joy

Pancit, Tempura, smoke meat & poi

So get back cooking

Santa is coming to town

And he likes Hawaiian food

So stop fitting around

Jr Boy - Cook da rice

No make me wait

I gotta grab foil for

make Santa one plate"

So if you see Santa

Throw him a shaka

You can say merry Christmas

Or mele Kalikimaka